If you have arthritis, diabetes, had foot surgery, or have sensitive feet, heavy blankets can cause discomfort or pain that interferes with getting a good night's sleep. Easy Night Blanket Lifter is a simple solution to help you sleep like a baby.


Blanket lifters, sometimes called blanket supports, many are unstable or difficult to assemble. Easy Night Blanket Lifter is sturdy and easy to assemble.


Easy Night Blanket Lifter is made in the USA from strong rolled aluminum. It is  well-built yet light weight and easy to use. With Easy Night Blanket Lifter your feet can have a restful and comfortable sleep.


Many other products cost more but are not made in the USA and are not as well constructed.


Easy Night Blanket Lifter is strong and easy to use. Use one for twin bed or two for King or Queen (mattresses up to 9 inches).


If you've had foot surgery,  suffer from nerve damage, have diabetes, or simply want to give your feet a comfortable, pressure-free rest, Easy Night Blanket Lifter is the perfect solution.




° When counting sheep isn't enough, Easy Night Blanket Lifter lifts the weight off your sensitive toes and feet.

° Made in America of Strong and sturdy rolled aluminum.

° Easy to use. Slides under the mattress between mattress and frame or box spring.

° Wriggle your toes and breath easy for a good night's sleep.

° A good night sleep can bring happy feet.

° Sleep like a baby. No pressure to keep you awake.

° Affordable. One for twin or two for Queen or King.